Sunday, February 27, 2011

More on the greenhouse

Preparation finished
After spending time clearing and cleaning the old greenhouse, we added weed suppressing membrane and barrowed a ton and a half of pea shingle down to the bottom of the garden to create a good base.

I also lifted four 2 foot square, concrete (and very heavy) slabs from the path alongside our front drive to make a reasonable path down the centre of the greenhouse. It also meant I got to play with the pressure washer to clean them up :)

We had enough shingle to create a path behind the greenhouse too, so this will provide a good sheltered spot for plants in temporary pots and stuff.

Somebody in the past had the fore-thought to run water down to the greenhouse, and against all odds the tap still works! I just need to attach it to a decent post...

With all the polycarbonate glazing, new large louvres and staging sitting in the garage, I just need to put it all together.

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