Saturday, February 26, 2011

The greenhouse

Our wreck of a greenhouse
One of the exciting things in the new garden is the existing, good sized greenhouse - 12' x 8'.
However, it needs a little bit of TLC...despite its dilapidated appearance, the frame is in excellent condition and anchored properly.

Initially we planned to remove the broken glazing and attempt to clean the remaining panes in place but after some experimentation and doing a little research, we decided to remove all the glass, clean the frame and re-glaze with 4mm polycarbonate.

Removing the glazing
Once the glazing was removed, it was time to clear the weeds from the ground. Like the rest of the garden, ground elder and bind weed are prevalent with a supporting cast of nettles and dock. We decided that growing in pots would be the best course of action, so covered the floor with a weed suppressing membrane and ordered a lot of pea-shingle to keep it covered.
Cleared and cleaned
I'll post more as we do it!

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