Sunday, March 20, 2011

Water butts!

With a big garden and grand plans for lots of plants and veg, we are going to need a lot of water. Time to get our  drainpipes working on saving water and installing some water butts.

After looking around the interwebs, I decided on getting a single Harcostar 227 litre and 2 Harcostar 100 litre Space Sava water butts for the Greenhouse. I had a weak moment and bought proper Harcostar stands for the butts rather than stack some bricks. We had a 20% discount code from our Gardeners World magazine subscription, so I purchased the butts from Crocus.

First one was easy enough - a previous owner had fitted a diversion thingie on the garage downpipe so all I needed to do was attach a hose to the nice new water butt. I bought a kit that connected two water butts together, cut the hose in half and attached it to the downpipe.

Garage water but
The second was part of the greenhouse project - the water butt is actually inside the greenhouse so that we have water stored at the same temperature as the soil and plants. I took the other half of the water butt connection kit, drilled and cut a hole in a polycarbonate panel, pushed the hose through and connected it to a standard, plastic greenhouse gutter kit. I had to cut the downpipe but it was a perfect fit with the connection hose!

Modified gutter kit and hose

Water butt in the greenhouse

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